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        Company Profile
            Since 1989,Shantou Medal Arts & Crafts Product Co., Ltd. has been making quality boxes for 20 years .We are capable of making many different types of paper boxes,ranging from storage boxes, stationery boxes, gift boxes.Meanwhile , we continue to expand our products and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers all over the world. We insist on the principle of "Credit Standing is the first ".Through over twenty years' development, Medal has achieved and maintained its current level of excellence through a combination of outstanding management, a highly skilled workforc... More>>
        Officially launched a new website.
        Hits:1240 Date:2013-03-18
        April 2013 the new site is officially launche ……More
        The current situation on the foreign gift market.
        Hits:1249 Date:2013-03-18
        As the saying goes: "Know thyself, know yours ……More
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        Shantou Medal Arts&Crafts Product Co.,Ltd.
        Email: meida@meidabox.com
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        Phone:0086-754-87365026/87383727    E-MAIL:meida@meidabox.com 
        Add:Industrial Factory Building 2,Back of Dahao Street Office,Fuqian Road,Haojiang,Shantou,Guangdong,China.
        Copyright: Shantou Medal Arts&Crafts Product Co.,Ltd.    Technical Support:Micronet
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